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WinGate is a proxy server with which you can share a single connection from your home with all the computers connected to the same network. With WinGate, you can manage and control the network in a safer way, since it will search for viruses and deny access to certain pages. It also controls the bandwidth consumed and blocks external access, not only to your computer but to all the devices connected to the program.

This tool has security protocols, too, so you can connect remotely as though you were connected directly from the router in your home or office. It's the best way to protect your network from third parties. To activate WinGate, just set up a name and a password, and then anyone can access it with these credentials.

The protocols included in WinGate are Gateway Discovery Protocol (GDP) and Winsock Redirector Protocol (WRP), and it also has a number of useful tools like WinGate Connection Monitor (WGCM) and the minimum server configuration. You don't have to set up the device with which you want to connect, either, since WinGate will automatically secure the connection for them all.

Secure your home or work network with Wingate and connect all the devices you want in a controlled and easy way.

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